20 Best Sailing Songs For Sailors And Life On The Water

Every boater enjoys turning up the volume and playing excellent sailing songs when out on the ocean on a gorgeous, sunny day. And, it’s time to change your playlist if you genuinely want to rush through the sea with a proud heart. 

Windrider of the Rockies will give you the top 20 boating tracks that will suit whatever mood you’re in. This soundtrack is perfect for anyone who enjoys going on the ocean. Let’s check it out! 

1. Sailing – Rod Stewart

Sailing Songs

Sailing Songs Will Light Up Your Days

Let’s begin with the classics. Rod Stewart penned a famous boating tune in 1975, and it has become a staple of every angler and sailor’s playlist. 

Sailing,’ considered one of the best songs, has that signature Rod Stewart charm and unmistakable mood that places it at the top of the playlist.

It is essentially a religious tune that celebrates the concept of yachting. The weather and mood on boating days inspire this beautiful song and the ability to go far as a boat can. 

2. Lost Sailor – Grateful Dead

Although the Grateful Dead are not famous for their sailing music, this one is rather enjoyable. It is a melancholy song that explores the dark days of yachting.

The last parts of Lost Sailor are among the most majestic and meaningful in Grateful Dead music. It’s enigmatic and contradictory. Although this fantastic song is simple, yet it is quite lighthearted.

3. Sailing – Christopher Cross

One of Christopher Cross’s songs, named ‘Sailing,’ has to be among the most lovely sailing melodies. He released this song in the 1980s, which is another masterpiece. 

It blends a relaxing, tranquil, but catchy tune with Christopher Cross’s distinctive voice, resulting in one of the finest sailor songs.

4. Into The Mystic – Van Morrison

Van Morrison has sailed as he performs the beautiful tune of Into the Mystic. If you cannot get out of the confusion on the water, this song will bring you near confidence.

Sailing Songs

This List Includes From Classic To Rock Musics

5. Southern Cross  – Crosby, Stills, Nash

This Crosby, Stills, and Nash tune is the definition of a great sailing song. It is about a man who gets rejected and decides to sail across the world aboard an 80-feet ship. It mentions boating on a stretch and having a peaceful mind.

6. The Ship Song – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The Bad Seeds and Nick Cave released this boating tune as the first single from their album called “The Good Sun.” The song charted at #84 in the United Kingdom. 

Similarly, ‘The Ship Song’ was named one of the World’s biggest 30 songs of all time. This magnificent ballad comes in at number six on this list. It is also one of the best songs ever written on ships in general.

7. Sloop John B – Rod Stewart

While the Beach Boys’ songs were mainly about ladies and surfing, Sloop John B must win the award for the most excellent sailing song since “sloop” is on the title. Moreover, the lyrics are as catchy as top trending music.

This tune is true sailing music. Yet, it did not win the best song. The music loses points because “he broke up, he needs to come home”.

8. Catch The Wind – Donovan

Sailing Songs

Singing On The Boat

Even though it is a love song, the lyrics of this song seem suitable for a summer day boating. Therefore, many sailors add this love lullaby to their playlist for a hurried day on the water.

9. Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes – Jimmy Buffett

This melody is a must-have for any list of adventurous tunes. It has become a cruising sailors’ hymn. The lyric “God, I wish I was sailing again” is a favorite of many sailors who love singing. 

We award the ultimate prize to Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes due to Buffett’s affection for the boating and sailing industry, and since it is a great boating tune.

10. Solar Sailer – Daft Punk

If you’ve ever wished to experience space rather than the oceans, it is the song for you. This playlist is unique in that we do not expect Daft Punk to perform. 

If you like techno music, this tune about yachting will be strictly up to your mind. This sailing music progresses slowly, making it ideal for languid summer afternoons.

11. There Is A Ship – Peter, Paul, and Mary

Sailing Songs

Let’s Discover The Ocean And Enjoy This Soundtrack 

And here is another song for the genre of songs about boats. It is drastically different following Deep Purple. ‘There Is a Ship,’ a nautical song by Peter, Mary, and Paul. Mary’s great vocals lead this beautiful love song. 

We offer this one to you if you enjoy sailing and are falling in love with someone. So please take advantage of it!

12. Shipbuilding – Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello has a song called “Shipbuilding” that is about ships. During the Falklands War, Costello composed this tune on the paradox of the war providing wealth to old shipbuilding communities. 

As a result, this tune is one of the most emotional and profound sailing tunes available. 

13. Come Sail Away – Styx

Another lovely and basic tune is “Come Sail Away.” It is undoubtedly one of the sailor tunes that emphasize the tranquility that boating provides. As a result, we had to include ‘Come to Sail Away‘ in our playlist. 

What more could a sailor want for than a song that is eerily similar to sailing? It is a fantastic tune that you will appreciate.

14. Sail Away – Courtship

Sailing Songs

Sailing Also Has Bright And Dark Sides

Finally, we have something contemporary on our list! This song is for anyone who loves evergreens to current sailing music. ‘Sail Away,’ by Courtship, is a contemporary masterpiece that everyone will enjoy. 

It is modern, rapid, fascinating, dynamic, and entertaining. Would not you agree that everything reminds you of boating? As a result, Sail Away has to be included in our top 20 sailor songs.

15. Sailing In The Wind – Logins & Messina

From the Full Sail album, the masterpiece “Sailing in the Wind” was released in 1973. Messina and Logins had chosen to dedicate the entire album to yachting. Therefore, they should have been passionate about it. 

We encourage listening to the whole album because of its positive vibes. If you do not have much time, though, listen to this incredible music. You’ll adore this song, which is one of the best sailor tunes ever written. 

16. Ship to Wreck – Florence + The Machine

What type of list would this be if Florence + The Machine were omitted? You’ll want to smile and have a wonderful time while listening to this music.

It is quick and witty, with a beautiful chorus hook. Therefore, you’ll have a piece of terrific boating music that you’ll want to play again and over again.

17. A Sailor’s Life – Fairport Convention

On this list, this one is perhaps the most extended sailing music. The music of the 1960s was reflected in ‘A Sailor’s Life.’ 

It is a slow-building tune that focuses on mood. Consequently, there is a fantastic psychedelic tune that will allow you to forget about reality temporarily. 

18. If You Were A Sailboat – Katie Melua

Sailing Songs

Every Song Has Its Meaning

Finally, here’s Katie Melua with her fantastic sailing song “If You Were a Sailboat.” This lovely tune is a tender love ballad that Katie beautifully delivers. Her lovely voice seems tailor-made for this track. As a result, you may fall in love with this beautiful song.

19. The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding

This famous tune embodies the cruising lifestyle’s laid-back attitude. We recently learned something new about this tune as well. 

Redding used to disagree about whether or not to release this song. It lacked the soulful pulse of Redding’s best-known songs. 

Regardless, Redding claimed that it’d be his first Number one hit. Otis Redding died in an aircraft crash on December 10th. The song debuted on the charts in 1968 and went on to win two Grammys.

20. A Pirate Looks At Forty – Jimmy Buffett

Many yachters revere Jimmy Buffett’s whole album. It isn’t easy to pick just one favorite Buffett track to cruise to. We could create a complete playlist of Jimmy Buffett’s most fantastic boating tunes. 

But, if we had to pick one, it would have to be “A Pirate Looks at Forty.” It is a homage to Mother Ocean that pulls many a boat owner’s heartstrings. 

Final Thoughts

Whether old or new, there have been many outstanding songs for sailors. All of these fantastic sailing songs are about independence, adventure, and exceeding your limits. We hope you keep and enjoy this list on your boating days since we create this from our hearts.

Thank you for reading!

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