How To Get Water Out Of An Inflatable Boat? The Best Solution For You

Though most people understand the significance of keeping their inflatable boats away from water damage, they can still have problems with it.

There are a lot of reasons for the accumulation of water in the boat such as flooding and rainwater. But you do not need to be concerned about this issue as we will discuss some solutions. So how to get water out of an inflatable boat?

While it may take much time, you should follow the instructions to protect your boat from water damage.

The Risk Of Water Damage

How To Get Water Out Of An Inflatable Boat

Before reading on, it is essential to know the risk of water buildup in the inflatable boat, kayak, or inner tube.

Although water itself does not ruin inflatables, the moisture can trigger mold and mildew.

The mildew will cause a horrible smell. It will also make cleaning more difficult. The mold is more severe as it can make the inflatable boat impair over time.

In addition, when the water stays in the boat, it can make transoms degrade. If the transom material is wood, throw it away since trapped water for a long time will cause it to rot.

As a result, when you remove water from the inflatable boat, it is important to ensure that the cleaning process is proper. Otherwise, it can lead to later severe consequences that you will find harsher to tackle.

The Reason For Trapped Water In An Inflatable

How To Get Water Out Of An Inflatable Boat

There are numerous reasons for inflatable boats containing water. The most popular cause is via the drain valve. Here are some of the most common causes for trapped water in your inflatable boat.

The un-inserted drain plug 

If you do not insert the one-way drain valve correctly, water accumulation is certain. Push it with force and ensure that you insert this plug completely so that similar problems do not happen anymore.

The un-tight drain plug

Water buildup can happen if you do not tighten the plug enough or you will need sealing. You can tackle the first issue by stiffening the screw while you keep the plastic intact. The second will require a layer of sealant surrounding the valve.

The dirty valve 

In some cases, the rubber-made seal of the valve is dirty or there is some debris under it. If so, you can just take acetone to wipe off the rubber seal and then tighten the valve.

How To Get Water Out Of An Inflatable Boat

How To Get Water Out Of An Inflatable Boat

When water builds up in the inflatable, there are many methods you can try to remove it. Here are some of the most efficient solutions.

Open the drain plug

Drain plugs on inflatable boats are for letting out water. It is the first technique you should try.

You should open the drain plug with the inflatable at full speed. Then Close it right away when the inflatable stops. This technique employs gravity to pull out the water. It is one of the easiest ways to remove water from your inflatable boat.

Use the manual bilge pump

One more common method employed to get water out of inflatables is a manual bilge pump. It will pump the water out of the inflatable using your hands.

It is a highly affordable solution but takes much time and energy. You can consider the Better Boat Hand Bilge Pump or the SeaSense Manual Bilge Pump.

Use the battery-powered bilge pump

Anyone who does not have free time and much effort can think about a battery-powered bilge pump. This tool is also considerably affordable. You can carry out the task much more quickly than the manual counterpart.


This solution is really time-consuming. It even demands warm weather to work correctly.

Use wet or dry vacuum cleaners

To fasten the inflating and deflating processes, some people choose to use a wet or dry vacuum cleaner.

You can use it for suctioning out trapped water, inflating the inflatable, letting it deflate. You should repeat the process until you get the best result.

Even if you employ a wet or dry vacuum, this method can still take a couple of hours.

Renting or borrowing a wet or dry vacuum cleaner is fine if you just use it sometimes. But if you want a serious investment, you can consider buying one. The Workshop Wet Dry High-Capacity Vac is a good choice for you.

Remove the valve

It is quite easy to remove the valve. You will find it very helpful when you try to get water out of the inflatable boat. This method can cause the inflating or deflating process to be much simpler.

Use a silica gel packet

While these above-mentioned methods will remove the water from the boat, a few people recommend taking it further. They put a number of silica gel packets and let them take in the water.

This method will remove all the last bits of moisture from the boat so that there is no chance for mildew and mold to develop.

Putting the boat under the sunlight is also accepted to make sure that the leftover water is gone. Still, UV radiation can cause damage and can impair the inflatable. As a result, you should try the former technique.

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Final Thoughts

When you look for a method to remove water from inflatable boats or kayaks, there are plenty of methods you can consider to solve the problem.

The most suitable one for you will depend on exactly the amount of water you want to wipe off, the material of the inflatable boat, and the free time you have.

Yet, the best solution to maintain the inflatable dried is to avoid water accumulation. It will include a boat cover, store the inflatable correctly, and avoid carrying water with you.

Hopefully, you can take the most suited method to get water out of your inflatable boat with affordable tools and you can also save time and money. Windrider of The Rockies!

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