How Long Will An Inflatable Boat Last? The Way To Care Your Inflatable Boat

Many people use inflatable boats as their favorite watercraft. These dinghies are affordable, portable, and relatively durable. So, how long will an inflatable boat last?

On average, an inflatable boat will be usable for 10-15 years. Its life expectancy depends on the material used, seams, and how you store and care for it. 

Today, let’s learn more about the durability of inflatable boats and how to care for them properly.

How Long Will An Inflatable Boat Last

Inflatable boats are relatively durable

How Long Will An Inflatable Boat Last?

The average life span of most inflatable boats is 10-15 years. Some dinghies have a shorter life, and some others can last for more than 20 years. 

Due to some factors, the durability of inflatable boats will vary. These factors are materials used, seams, storage, and maintenance. 

Materials used

PVC and Hypalon are two commonly used materials in manufacturing inflatable boats. Boats made of PVC and Hypalon will have varying durability.

PVC is a cheap material so PVC inflatable boats cost lower than Hypalon ones.

However, PVC will quickly deteriorate under the impact of sunlight. Thus, the durability of PVC boats will be lower than others. Generally, their life expectancy is around 2-10 years. 

Hypalon or CMS is a rubber-based material, so it’s more durable than PVC. Inflatable boats made of Hypalon can last at least seven years and can make it to over 20 years. 

As a result, Hypalon boats will have a higher price than PVC boats. 

How Long Will An Inflatable Boat Last

Hypalon boats are more durable than PVC boats


Manufacturers will either glue or weld the seams on inflatable boats together. 

For gluing method, the glue used will depend on the material of the boat. Therefore, different types of glue will affect the boat’s life span. 

The glue used for PVC boats is also less durable in the sun than the glue used for Hypalon boats. However, if you leave boats with glued seams exposed to the sun for a long time, they will soon fall apart. 

The welding method will make the seams of inflatable boats last longer than glue. Welded seams are very tough, and sun rays can’t weaken them. Again, Hypalon welded seams will be more durable than PVC welded seams.


Storage is another factor that can reduce or increase the life span of an inflatable boat. If you store your boat in an ideal place, it can last for some more years. 

How Long Will An Inflatable Boat Last

The way you store your inflatable boat can reduce or increase its life span


How you care for your inflatable boat will also affect its durability. A dinghy that has proper care will last longer than one without care. 

You should clean your inflatable boat after each use with the proper cleaner. Besides, only store the boat when it’s completely dry. You should also check for any leak in your boat and fix it as soon as possible. 

In the next part of this article, there is a detailed guide to care for your boat. 

The Proper Way To Take Care Of Your Inflatable Boat

To extend the life expectancy of your inflatable boat, you need to maintain and care for it properly. This process includes cleaning, storing, and protecting your boat.

Clean your inflatable boat

After each time you use your dinghy, you need to make it clean. In this way, you will keep your boat from stubborn stains and avoid corrosion. 

You can simply rinse your inflatable boat with water to remove mud, dust, and other dirt. For stuck grime, you can clean them with some boat cleaner. Depend on the type and material of your boat you can pick the proper cleaner. 

After your boat is free of dirt, you should flip it down. Thereby, all the water inside the boat can drain so no mold can grow on it. 

You can use a soft towel to wipe the boat to dry. Don’t leave it in the sun because the heat and UV rays can cause damages. 

How Long Will An Inflatable Boat Last

After each time you use your dinghy, you need to make it clean

Protect your inflatable boat

How Long Will An Inflatable Boat Last

Sunrays are not good for inflatable boats. So, you can protect your boat by applying some protectant spray. They will reduce the impact of UV rays on your boat. 

Like boat cleaners, there are protectant sprays for different types of boats. Thus, you need to choose the right product for your watercraft. You should check the recommendations from boat manufacturers. 

Moreover, it’s better to moor your boat in a shady place. You can choose a covered marina, or anchor the boat under the shade of a tree if you’re on a trip. 

Blowing up your inflatable boat correctly is also a way to protect it. Overinflation can lead to boat rupture. Also, always inflate your boat on the clear ground without any sharp objects. 

If your inflatable boat has a motor, regular check and maintenance will help it operate properly. 

You can protect your boat by applying some protectant spray

Store your inflatable boat

As we mentioned above, proper storage can help increase the durability of your boat. 

When your boat is not in use, you need to clean and dry it before storage. You should make sure that the boat is completely dry. A wet inflatable boat will be an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to grow up. 

The best way to store your dinghy is to deflate it, then fold and pack it in a bag. It’s better to place your boat in a separate, cool, and dry place. Remember to keep it away from sharp objects and don’t put anything on it.  

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Final Words

Above is all the information about how long an inflatable boat will last. Inflatable boats are quite durable and can last for dozens of years. The most important thing is knowing how to care for them in the right way. Windrider of The Rockies!

Hopefully, this article can help you keep your inflatable boat durable and always as good as new. Thank you for reading!

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