A Guide On How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go? 6 Tips For Making It Faster

When purchasing a pontoon boat, the most crucial aspect to consider is velocity or speed. Pontoons are generally responsible for fishing and are not ideal for high-speed water activities such as tubing or skiing. 

However, if speed is your top priority when shopping for a pontoon, you need to think about engine weight, size, and boat design when determining how fast do pontoon boats go.

A pontoon boat can usually go at a pace of roughly 18 to 25 miles per hour. Several high-speed versions may reach speeds of up to 50 mph.

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How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go?

How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go

Pontoon boats are surprising in that they are quick enough to be utilized for various water activities. They’re so fast that they’re suitable for waterskiing. 

Most pontoons can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. A standard pontoon boat can go at speeds of 18 to 30 miles per hour. However, your pontoon boat’s speed depends on several elements. 

The pontoon’s weight is undoubtedly an issue. Having too many passengers on board, for instance, will reduce the speed of the pontoon. The speed of your pontoon boat decreases by 15% every 1000 pounds.

Another consideration is the pontoon size, horsepower, engine size, and the tubes beneath the boat.

Factors That Affect The Speed Of Pontoon Boats

How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go

There Are Some Factors Contribute To The Speed Of The Boat

The way your boat is built up, like with any ship, will have the most considerable influence on how fast it can travel. For every thousand pounds you gain, you’ll lose roughly 15% of your maximum speed. 

As a result, lowering your weight capacity will benefit you in the long term. Bimini tops, portable toilets and changing rooms, anchors, and other potential extras contribute to the total weight of the pontoon and slow it down. 

It would be best to consider the following factors when it comes to the pontoon boat’s speed.

The Bimini

The parasol on your boat, known as a bimini, might significantly increase the level of wind resistance you encounter. Unless it is a windy day, this usually has little influence on how fast you can go with the bimini up. 

The Prop

Many pontoon boats come standard with a safe prop. Most boat buyers will replace this prop with one that is significantly smaller. The smaller prop will offer higher RPMs and faster speed as a result.

Dirty Pontoon

Algae, barnacles, and other forms of filth on your boat can slow it down by up to 6 mph. If you keep your pontoon boat under the water regularly, it’s something you should think about. It would be best if you gave your boat a clean and wax now and again.

Tips For Making Your Pontoon Boats Go Faster

If you want a smaller engine and discover that you’ll need to go quicker, try these techniques to obtain that extra burst of power. 

1. Upgrade The Prop

How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go

If you need to go a little quicker for pulling tubers, skiers, or because you want to, let’s upgrade your prop. Various props can generate different outcomes without getting into too much detail. 

Picking a prop with a different pitch, for example, will assist you in getting on the plane quickly (ideal for pulling skiers). However, it will reduce your peak speed slightly.

Instead, you may pick a prop with a pitch that will allow you to reach peak speed when on aircraft, but it may take a bit longer. They manufacture props with four blades and three blades, each with advantages and disadvantages, and aluminum and stainless steel props. 

If you are getting a new pontoon boat, discuss with the dealer about your requirements, and they can match you with the appropriate prop. Windrider of the Rockies has an excellent post about boat propellers here if you want more information.

2. Take Lifting Stakes

If you get a new or pontoon boat, likely, lifting strakes are already fitted. If it does not, we strongly advise you to spend extra money to have them put. 

So, what are lifting strakes? In a nutshell, they’re metal strips soldered directly to your pontoons to produce lift on the water. 

It allows the pontoon to float across the water rather than slogging through it. They not only improve speed but also improve fuel efficiency and provide a better ride.

3. Check Your Load

But if you would like to move faster while using less energy, you must reduce the weight. We understand that you recently purchased a new pontoon boat and would like to show it off to everyone. 

However, if you want to amaze others with speed, you should invite only a few people simultaneously. That isn’t unless you have a 300 horsepower engine. 

Also, if you are going tubing or skiing with the children, you might like to leave any extra stuff at home, especially if you go with the smaller engine.

4. Clean The Pontoon

How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go

Barnacles On Pontoon Boats

If you bought the pontoon new, this would not apply to you, but ensure that your pontoon boats are clean! 

They won’t glide over the water as effectively as they might if they have muck or barnacles developing on them. This factor can have a significant influence on the speed of your pontoon.

5. Trim The Engine

Trimming a pontoon’s engine is a typical procedure. It is simple to implement and yields tangible benefits. Trimming improves performance by angling your engine to a higher angle. 

It accomplishes this by utilizing a hydraulic motor to elevate the nose slightly higher out of the water. But, not all boats require trimming. Next time you are on the lake, open up the gate to see if trimming the motor is right for you. 

Do the logs seem to be dragging, or do you notice much water splashing up among the pontoons? If this is the case, an engine trim may be required.

6. Follow The Wind

How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go

Traveling With The Wind To Boost The Speed

Going with the wind seems easy and apparent, but it’s a guaranteed method to gain speed. Traveling towards the wind, no matter how strong your pontoon boat is, will slow it down. 

If you are dragging someone on a tube or skis, it is especially true. After all, dragging isn’t simply caused by water. This primary method is often neglected, yet it is the most efficient and cost-effective way to accelerate your pontoon. 

These aren’t the only options for speeding up your boat, but they’re the most efficient. Your deck, as well as any structures that may catch the wind or add weight, should be taken into account. They can cause a lot of sluggishness.

Drag and lift are crucial unless you are optimizing performance or boosting horsepower. If you maximize these parameters, you will see a significant improvement in your max speed.

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Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you can understand how fast do pontoon boats go. The next question is whether it can travel fast enough for any demand. We suggest upgrading your prop engine is the best idea. It would be best to use the maximum horsepower that the boat is capable of. 

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