An Ultimate Guide How Do You Store An Inflatable Boat

After outdoor picnics and events, or the weather has started to turn cold, it’s time to take care and store an inflatable boat.

Yet, not everyone knows what to do and how to do it. In this article, we will show you the easiest ways to how do you store it.

You can do this with the following steps:

  • Clean your inflatable boat before storing
  • Wipe the boat and spray with preservative
  • Using the silver shield
  • Store in a dry climate
  • Stay away from rodents
How Do You Store An Inflatable Boat

What do you know about it?

How Do You Store An Inflatable Boat?

In this section, we will go through step-by-step details for how to store it? If you’re ready, here’s the info for you How do you things to know.

Clean Before Storing

How Do You Store An Inflatable Boat

As soon as the thought arises of taking it away, the first thing you need to prepare is to wash it. It washing is the job of cleaning it with warm water and soap.

It’s very easy to find cleaning supplies around the house, but make sure not to rub too hard to avoid tearing it.

Next, you must make sure to dry your boat before you take it away for storage. The reason is that because your boat is dry, mold will not grow and cause damage to the surface of the material.

Things to know to keep your it safe

Wipe The Boat And Spray With Preservative

Again, after your boat is dry, the next job is to clean the surface of it both inside and out. Make sure during the washing process, but the last stain is completely gone.

As for spray preservatives, the current market offers a lot of preservatives, such as 303 UV Protectant.

The reason we should use it is that it can smooth the contact surface of the boat to avoid collisions and cause unfortunate boat tearing. As well as the surface of it does not shrink during long-term storage.

Using The Silver Shield

If you want the challenge of preserving it by keeping it in shape, you should use a silver plate to cover it. Here, the use of a UV sheet is the easiest solution.

How Do You Store An Inflatable Boat

Safe, effective inflatable preservation with simple ways

However, there is a small note for you that you should weigh the most when putting the boat frame inside the silver frame.

You have to be gentle so that the frame does not rub against the silver plate causing the frame to break. If this happens, there is a good chance that the water in it will burst if the weather conditions turn cold in the winter.

Store In A Dry Climate

The next condition and measure that people can consider are to store the boat in a dry climate. In other words, you can bring your boat into the garage, into the storage, or even into the house in a climate that is not moldy and airy.

You can check the temperatures of these places regularly by checking the temperature, opening a window, or ventilating the storage area. However, don’t go too often to make sure you don’t waste time doing other essential things.

Stay Away From Rodents

Just like keeping your it safe in a cool, dry climate, you also need to watch out for rodent attacks. What we want to talk about here are rats, weevils, and cockroaches.

To avoid their attack, you can store your boat in a tightly tied plastic layer.

If you want to make your storage as safe as possible, you need to constantly be on the lookout for the safety of your boat’s upholstery. Remember to take the time to check and troubleshoot.

How To Store An They In Deflated Condition?

What many people will also wonder is how to preserve a boat in the state that it is deflated. Here, we give you few choices.

1. Make boat surfaces before storing them: 

Just like the maintenance method mentioned before it, we have to treat the stains of it from the beginning. Cleaning with warm water and soap are basic steps to deal with stains.

2. Store the boat in a dry place: 

Choosing a dry place with a cool temperature is always the first choice, you must remember this. Also, if you want to ensure that the temperature of the storage area stays dry, let the sun in often to kill mold.

How Do You Store An Inflatable Boat

You need to choose the right way to preserve.

3. Use the silver to shield

In cases of outdoor boat preservation, using a silver plate to shield is always the first choice.

4. Keep in the warehouse

Warehouses, yards, or even garages are still used to preserve boats. However, make sure such places are always well ventilated.

5. Keep away from sharp objects and mice

To make sure your boat is in top condition, you need to keep your boat away from sharp objects and rodents. And to do this, you should know where it is safe to best preserve your boat right from the start.

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Maybe many people will be confused in finding ways to how do you store an inflatable boat, but hopefully, this article will answer your questions.

Of course, the above ways are not new, but how to preserve them in the best condition is what we care about.

Wish you choose for yourself the best ways to maintain your boat and will have exciting adventures with your boat in the future. Windrider of The Rockies!

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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