Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms? What To Do If Your Boat Doesn’t Have A Bathroom?

If your excursion is long, your pontoon boat has to offer all the necessary facilities. The bathroom is among them. But do pontoons have bathrooms?

Some pontoons, yet not all, feature toilets and dressing rooms. The bigger your pontoon boat, the more likely it is to have a bathroom on board. The availability of this facility may vary, so remember to ask before buying or renting a pontoon.  

Today, Windrider of the Rockies will recommend some pontoon boats that offer built-in bathrooms. We also give you some solutions if your boat doesn’t have any. Let’s read on to discover!

Why Is A Bathroom Necessary For The Pontoon? 

Bathrooms are indispensable facilities in your daily life. Even if we are on a boat, it plays a vital role, especially when it comes to these cases:


If you’ve ever entertained little kids, you know how unpredictable their toilet breaks can indeed be. 

Of course, you always remind them to use the restroom before leaving the house. However, surprises are unavoidable for staying hydrated.

This such thing may happen to older children and adults as well. Even grownups are aware of the need to stay hydrated both in the heat and on the lake. We may be just taking different sorts of beverages.

Huge bodies of water

On bigger bodies of water like lakes, you may cruise for kilometers without seeing any shore. In such circumstances, installing a porta-potty on board may be necessary.

You might not like the squat or trowel technique when you spend a lot of camping.

If you don’t like the idea of going into the forests at midnight with only a lantern, a porta potty might come in useful.

Medical issues

Sometimes, there is a member in your group who always needs to use the bathroom. 

It turns out to be a pity if that member can’t enjoy the trip at its best because of this problem.

The issue is not only about individuals who have serious medical problems, people who are handicapped, or people who use wheelchairs. It might include any passenger on the boat. 

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

A restroom is necessary for pontoon boats 

Which Pontoons Have A Built-In Bathroom? 

Some pontoons have a built-in restroom. They come with other features that you may like.

Harris V270

The Harris V270 is a luxury pontoon boat that includes a private bathroom.

Below the middle portion of the platform is a toilet chamber. Its bathroom features a sink, a toilet, and a shower to make it even more convenient.

The deck has comfortable sofas that extend from the front to the back. There is also an adjustable table for you to enjoy your coffee. 

The water tank has a capacity of 24 gallons. And the gasoline tank can hold up to 60 gallons.

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms


HRV pontoon offers passengers numerous home amenities, such as a dining area, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. It can easily accommodate up to ten people thanks to the structure of half boat – half cruiser. 

The pontoon runs by four different sources: electric, wind, propane, and solar power. As a result, it may be the most technologically advanced watercraft on the water.

It has a fuel capacity of 34 gallons, freshwater storage of 37 gallons, and wastewater capacity of 50 gallons. 

This pontoon allows the passengers to travel and relax in comfort. With all the outstanding features, the HRV has become one of the greatest luxury pontoons on the market.

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

Sun Tracker 

The Regency version of the Sun Tracker is a less expensive pontoon boat featuring a bathroom.

In the pontoon’s head, a private changing locker area provides total privacy for the passenger. You’ll also have privacy because there’s a porta-potty behind closed doors.

The boat has two tanks. Each holds roughly 6 gallons of wastewater and freshwater. 

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

Southland Mistral

The Southland Mistral doesn’t feature a bathroom at first. So, if you want to install it, you’ll have to contact the dealers. It may cost you a few additional dollars.

If you choose a toilet, this pontoon will include a chemical water reservoir of 3 gallons as well as a waste tank of 5 gallons. A pump-out system will also be available.Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

Manitou 2020

The Manitou 2020 always stays on the list of the best pontoons in the market.

You may pick from nine different colors to find one that suits your preferences. The aluminum and stainless steel materials make it outshine even more.

The pontoon includes everything you may need for your joyrides, such as a porta-potty, cup holders, tables, and many more. 

A porta-potty, couches, adjustable cup holders, two tables, and much more are available.

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

Some pontoon boats already have bathrooms 

What Can You Do If Your Pontoon Doesn’t Have A Bathroom? 

Maybe you miss the need for a bathroom in your pontoon at first. So, what can you do in this case? We offer three solutions for you as follows:

Plan your ride short

You can boat in a small body of water. The trip then would be one or two hours long. As a result, you can wait until your pontoon lands.

However, too short trips are boring. You can’t even sunbathe or have a meal on your boat. 

Have a bathroom request

You can choose to go back to the dock or land at any place across the shore to offer a bathroom request. Yet, this solution seems weird and a waste of time. 

Additionally, dropping at certain places for toilets may waste fuel. You have to reactuate your boat after a pause. 

Build a portable bathroom

This option may be the most common solution when there isn’t a bathroom on your pontoon boat. There are some tips for building a DIY bathroom in the next section. Let’s scroll down!

Portable Toilets For Pontoon Boats

If you just need a toilet, building a whole bathroom is unnecessary. Here are some porta potty options that you can refer to.

Thetford Corp

This porta toilet has a clean, sophisticated, and comfortable appearance. It has a nice seat height, a large bowl, and a battery-operated flush.

Thetford Corp toilet is also simple to use and maintain. You’ll discover that it’s spill-proof and odorless.

The portable toilet features a lockable valve to keep smells out and a spinning pour-out nozzle to drain the wastewater container without causing any backsplash.


This toilet contains about 2.5 gallons of water. It comes with a seat, a lid, and a bowl.

You can remove the lid for refilling the flush tank with fresh water. The bellows-type motor, on the other hand, pushes the water into the tank for waste disposal. 

There is a sliding gate valve sitting on the bottom of the waste tank. It opens to allow trash to be dumped and then shuts to establish water- and odor-tight barrier.


This potty has a flush limit of 50 gallons. You don’t need to install any external hookup or plumping since the built-in flusher delivers a strong clean.

The product from Alpcour can carry 5.3 gallons of wastewater and 3.2 gallons of fresh water.

The material for this toilet is heavy-duty and durable. It naturally reduces smells while also avoiding corrosion and rust.

Its compact yet durable seat is suitable for all members of the family.


This portable toilet makes you feel like you have a bathroom. It is a perfect choice when camping, hunting, fishing, and any boat trip.

A 3-gallon water storage container and a 5-gallon wastewater tank come with this potty. Both tanks offer removable tops for easy refilling fresh water and garbage disposal.

A bellows motor is linked to the toilet, allowing for up to 70 flushes even before a freshwater reservoir needs to be refilled!

A sliding valve on the potty opens for the waste. Also, it shuts securely, trapping smells and limiting leaks with a watertight sealing.

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

There are various choices when it comes to portable toilets

Curtains And Enclosures For Pontoon Boats

You may need a changing room if you go on a long trip. If your boat doesn’t have any bathrooms, you can build a temporary one with enclosures and curtains.

You can try these products. They are all well-known for durability and convenience.


The Vortex private curtain gives a pleasant secluded space. The zippered entry and exit make this option simple to get in and out.

This curtain is lightweight. You also find the velcro straps simple to connect to the bimini tops. 

Additionally, the curtain doesn’t occupy too much space for usage and storage thanks to the compact size.


The Northstar enclosure has velcro on the bottom of the bimini on the center bows, giving a lot of space. 

If you need a large space for the bathroom, you may like this enclosure since it’s big. It is 72 inches long and 30 inches wide with a depth of 27 inches. You can also choose your favorite color from its selection. 


Taylor Made’s curtain is simple to set up. You can use the included hardware and straps to secure it behind a bimini top. 

This polyester enclosure has a heavy-duty zipper, making it easy to use.

WolfWise Pop Up

Another good alternative is Wolfwise’s private dressing area. This room doesn’t attach to the pontoon. 

The room comes from water-resistant polyester. It also features taped seams to make sure that the inner shelter stays dry. 

The bottom is removable. Also, there are two zipper windows for optimum ventilation. 

Carver Industries

Carver Industries curtain allows fast seclusion aboard your boat when changing or using a portable toilet.

The enclosure has the greatest wear resistance available with 8 ounces of superior poly-guard and 100% polyester.

You can adjust the height up to 60 inches. There are some one-inch straps to help secure the enclosure to the bimini poles.

Additional Accessories For Your Bathroom 

To build a bathroom on a pontoon, you’ll need a toilet and a privacy enclosure. There are, however, specific additional preparations you should implement to keep your trip as pleasant as possible.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is probably not something you worry about very much. When utilizing a porta-potty, though, it is crucial.

Using the toilet paper that you often use at home is fine. However, due to its rapid dissolving tendency, it’s preferable to choose marine-grade paper.

If you are using typical toilet paper, disposing of it at a waste treatment facility becomes considerably more complicated. You may risk clogging the machine.

On the other hand, the marine-grade product helps to alleviate these problems while still offering the long-lasting performance you need from the toilet paper.

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

Do not forget to prepare toilet paper 

Toilet treatment

A toilet treatment is another important factor to include in your boat. Those drop-in tablets have two functions.

The main objective is to decompose garbage as well as toilet paper. If possible, choose the marine grade that is easy to break down. 

The second function of toilet treatment is the pleasant odor. Depending on the brand, every hygienic drop-in is available in several fragrances.

Do Pontoons Have Bathrooms

Toilet treatment is also important

Waste disposal

You’ll need to find the closest approved trash disposal location. Waste disposal facilities are open for use at most sites with RV hookups.

Remember to check ahead of time to see where you can stop. It can help you avoid the trouble of having the toilet overflowing. 

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The Bottom Line

Some pontoons have a built-in bathroom. However, there could be a chance that your pontoon doesn’t feature this facility. 

Don’t worry! You can build your own room with the products we have recommended. They all are easy to set up and convenient to use.

Hopefully, you can enjoy your joyride. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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