Everything You Need To Know About Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

The Colorado pontoon boat is one of the most chosen inflatable pontoon boats of fishing lovers. The high customization of this boat allows users to add many modifications. 

Colorado pontoon boat modifications include trolling motors, swivel seats, fishing platforms, and accessories. 

In this article, Windrider of the Rockies will give you more details about the Colorado pontoon boat and its modifications.

Let’s read on to discover!

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

The Colorado pontoon boat is highly customizable.

All You Need To Know About The Colorado Pontoon Boat

Before getting to know about the modifications, you can look at some outstanding features of the Colorado pontoon boat.

Durable pontoons

The Colorado pontoon boat has two air tubes attached under a steel frame.

These tubes are very durable with the covers of vinyl air bladders. If the pontoons get punctured, the air bladders will take their places and keep the boat from sinking. 

The materials used to make the pontoon are 840-denier nylon for the top and 1.100-denier PVC for the bottom. They are both durable materials that make the boat last long. 

Adjustable frame

The frame made of black steel of this boat is also durable. Besides, you can adjust this frame according to your size and position. 

This frame is also easy to assemble as well as remove. You can attach it to the boat effortlessly with some cotter pins. These pins also allow you to adjust the boat accessories such as oarlocks or seat angle. 

When the boat is not in use, you can remove the frame for storage.

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

Adjustable frame

Easy to paddle

The Colorado pontoon boat comes with a couple of 7-feet aluminum oars and bronze oarlocks. 

The oars are lightweight but very durable and applicable for every rower. If rowing fatigues you, the boat also has brackets for mounting a trolling motor on the stern.  

A lot of space for storage

You can bring many things onboard with the Colorado pontoon boat. It has storage space behind the seat. This space is ideal for placing your tackle box or life jackets. 

Also, many pockets are available on the boat so you can freely carry your fishing gear and other objects. 

Varied accessories

The manufacturer also produces many accessories for your Colorado pontoon boat. It has a built-in trolley at the back that you can control a DIY anchor. 

You can also benefit from a lot of other accessories such as rod holders or fly-fishing bags. 

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

The design of the Colorado pontoon boat is highly customizable, and you can add many modifications to it. Here are some common modifications of this boat. 

Trolling motor

The motor mount on the stern of the Colorado pontoon boat allows you to attach a trolling motor if you want. 

You should get a trolling motor with a speed limit within five mph. Besides, the size of the motor should also be suitable for the boat. A 30-inch motor will be perfect for your Colorado pontoon.  

Swivel seat

The built-in seat of the Colorado pontoon may be uncomfortable and can make your bottom numb. However, you can replace it with a swivel seat for more comfort and convenience. 

The most suitable option for a swivel seat is one with a 7-inch pedestal. You will need to take out the seat on the boat and attach the new swivel seat to the frame. 

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

Swivel seat

Fishing platform

If you want more space on your Colorado pontoon boat for casting, you can make a fishing platform. 

You can attach a wooden board to the space in front of the seat. The wooden board will extend the boat frame. For more space, you can remove the seat to have a full deck on the boat.

Fishing accessories

This pontoon boat also allows you to add many fishing accessories such as rod holders, pockets for fishing tackle, and so on. 

You can purchase fishing accessories from the manufacturer of your Colorado pontoon boat or make some by yourself. Many people equip their boats with DIY fishing rod holders made from PVC pipes. 

Accessories For Pontoon Boat Modification 

Inflatable pontoon boats are an ideal choice for fishing due to their versatility and portability. You can customize them to make them more convenient for fishing purposes. 

Here are some accessories for pontoon boat customization you should know. 

Casting bar

A casting bar will help you cast easier on your pontoon boat. It will help you stand up securely on the boat when casting. 

There are many models of casting bars on the market. Remember to check your boat before buying a casting bar to pick the compatible one. 

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

A casting bar will help you stand up securely on the boat when casting.

Floating cage

A floating cage (or floating bait station) is necessary if you often go fishing with live bait. It will keep your bait in the water and lengthen their freshness. 

Floating bait stations come in many shapes and sizes that fit different boats. You can consider your boat and your needs to choose a suitable cage. 

Trolling motor 

Paddling a pontoon boat is simpler than a traditional fishing boat. But if you go on a long fishing trip, paddling will tire you out. Thus, installing a trolling motor on your boat will save you energy. 

First, you should check if your pontoon has a motor mount or bracket. Then, find a trolling motor with a suitable size and capacity. 

Trolling motor power center and charger

Don’t forget to purchase a power center and charger for your trolling motor. You should bring these accessories onboard to recharge your motor when necessary.

You don’t need to open the box of some power centers to connect them to your motor. This design can keep the power center from getting wet.  

Fishing rod holders

Rod holders will help free your hand when you go fishing. They come in many designs, including clamping, screwing, or gluing rod holders. You can choose some holders that suit your boat design. 

Besides, this item is also easy to make, so you can use some PVC pipes to create a set of fishing rod holders.

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

Fishing rod holders

Pontoon boat anchor

Water currents can drift your inflatable pontoon due to its lightweight. So, it’s necessary to mount an anchor to your boat to keep it in position when you catch fish. 

The anchor for your pontoon doesn’t need to be too heavy. You should get one that is compact and usable in muddy places. 

Foot pedestal

The front of your inflatable pontoon boat seat is a space, and you can add a foot pedestal there. The foot pedestal will support your feet to avoid fatigue when fishing for a long time. 

Pontoon boat canopy

Installing a canopy on your inflatable pontoon will protect you from sun and rain. There are different sizes of canopy for different boats. So, you should measure your pontoon before buying a canopy. 

Essential Items You Should Have On Your Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Below are some items you should bring on board when going fishing with your inflatable pontoon. They are helpful and will bring you great fishing experiences.

Waterproof storage bag

A waterproof storage bag is an indispensable item for your fishing trips. It will keep your belongings from getting wet, especially phones, electronics, or food.

You should buy a bag made of high-quality polyester for the best waterproof effect. There are many colors and designs of these bags for you to choose from.

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

Waterproof storage bag

Inflatable boat repair kit

Accidents are always possible when you are on the water. So, you should keep a repair kit on your boat to use if needed. 

You can buy inflatable boat repair kits online or find them in boat accessory stores. A repair kit will include some patches and PVC glue to fix the boat hole. 

Protectant spray for inflatable boat

This item will protect your boat against UV rays and extend its lifespan. You need to spray your pontoon with this product every two months. 

Using protectant spray will save you a lot of time and money for boat repair and maintenance.

Colorado Pontoon Boat Modifications

Protectant spray for inflatable boat

Waterproof flashlight

For night fishing, you should include a waterproof flashlight in the must-bring list. You will want to pick a durable flashlight that can withstand heavy impacts.

Manual air pump

Another essential item you should keep onboard is a manual air pump. It will help you blow up your boat in case of air leakage. 

Using a manual air pump will take more effort than an electric pump. But it will be more practical because you don’t need electricity to operate.

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Final Words

We have provided you with some information about the Colorado pontoon boat and its common modifications. 

If you need a multi-purpose inflatable boat, this one will be a good choice. You can easily customize it with different accessories to suit your needs. 

Thank you for reading!

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