Can You Put A Trolling Motor On An Inflatable Boat? 

An inflatable boat is an easy way for all people who want to experience a lot of fun on the water. Indeed, when you have an inflatable boat motor, it will be boating rather than paddling!

To obtain the most wonderful boating voyage, the motor for the inflatable boat should be simple enough to manipulate and set up.

For example, it is lightweight, has decent speed, and has high durability. However, many of you may not have any clue about the inflatable boat motor and do not know how to begin.

So, can you put a trolling motor on an inflatable boat? Certainly, you can.

This article will provide detailed guidelines to help you choose the most suitable outboard motor for your inflatable boat. 

Three Types Of Inflatable Boat Motors

When you are considering a motor for your inflatable boat, you can think about an electric or petrol one.

Furthermore, the electric motor for the inflatable boat consists of two different subcategories. They are an electric outboard and a trolling motor.

Let’s dive in and look for the best motor for your inflatable boat.

The electric outboard for an inflatable boat

Can You Put A Trolling Motor On An Inflatable Boat

Electric Outboards for Inflatable Boats

This subcategory of the electric outboard for the inflatable boat is rather well-known in RIBs, tenders, and fishing boats. It results from a greater power range and longer runtime.

Here is an example of an electric motor for an inflatable boat. A 3 hp ePropulsion Spirit can run for 28 hours at 3.5 km/h speed is perfect for you to go fishing.

In addition, a strong edge of the small electric motor is the capability of integration. Consequently, it is not necessary to prepare a separate battery and motor mount kit for an inflatable boat.

The electric trolling motor for an inflatable boat

Can You Put A Trolling Motor On An Inflatable Boat

Electric Trolling Motors for Inflatable Boats

However, the trolling motor for the inflatable boat provides a much lower power range with a maximum of 112 lbs. This feature will make it an optimal option for just slow trolling.

You will often see this subcategory of electric inflatable boat motors on the rubber boat or the fishing boat.

These types of boats regularly have the least requirements for speed. They also like bonus fishing (the GPS trolling motor as an example).

One more thing you have to look at this electric motor for inflatable boats is batteries. You will have to buy a battery separately from any other manufacturer.

Keep in mind that the suggested AGM battery is quite heavy in comparison with the lithium motor type with a shorter time of use. 

In particular, it is impossible to know the remaining battery storage (used for running time) of the electric trolling motor. You can just do it if you have the internal BMS system followed by a digital display on this motor.

The gas motor for an inflatable boat

Can You Put A Trolling Motor On An Inflatable Boat

Gas Motors for Inflatable Boats

The gas motor for the inflatable boat has long been a selection for every inflatable owner. However, they are now struggling with many difficulties owing to the gas limitation. It will be especially harder on the smaller lake.

Then, if you use a gas motor for your inflatable boats, it possibly means that it will take more effort to look for a lake that allows the combustion engine.

When thinking about the gas motor for the inflatable boat, you should consider those things. You will need to be concerned about the loud noise, the bad smell, and the risk of oil releasing during your journey.

The most important thing is the expense for regular maintenance annually.

How To Choose A Motor for An Inflatable Boat

Can You Put A Trolling Motor On An Inflatable Boat

How to Choose Motors for Inflatable Boats

Do you have any clue about a trolling motor for your inflatable boat?

Inflatable boat motor models would have a wide range of prices. Is there any specific information that you should take notice of?

You will find it not easy to look for an inflatable boat trolling motor that can match all of your requirements.

Then, you should check the top 3 elements that will help you make the best deal.

Inflatable boat motor size

The first factor that you should think about is the size. You will have to find the most suitable motor size for your inflatable boat. 

Horsepower rates of inflatable boats will determine your boating journey, especially if you wish to go water skiing for more fun at the weekend.

Whether it is possible to gain your planning speed with the inflatable boat motor will come down to every specific situation. It can be the inflatable boat type, the weight, the capability of loading, the weather, and other factors. 

(You can have a talk with a professional to get expert advice in accordance with your requirements.)

The recommendation is to apply the boat capacity plate that shows a max horsepower rate for the boat. Then, you will buy the inflatable boat motor with the nearest hp within limitation if speed is the leading factor in your choice.

Still, it will be another choice if you find a trolling inflatable boat motor just for leisure activities such as fishing. The 3-hp electric outboard will be fast enough for your inflatable boat.

Inflatable boat motor weight

No one will want a weighty motor for their extremely portable inflatable boats. The motor weight is one more important concern for any inflatable boat to get the best voyage.

When you set the motor weight as your priority, you should pick up a smaller inflatable boat motor. This motor should also come installed with an integrated battery. It will save you a lot of problems in buying and using it.

Here is an illustration for you. A gas Mercury 3.5 hp outboard motor for inflatable boats would weigh 38 lbs. You also need to calculate 6 lbs for every gallon of fuel (gasoline) for the total weight.

Speed and time of running

One more factor you need to think about the inflatable boat motor is the speed and time of running.

Normally, the most common 3-hp electric motor for inflatable boats can travel as quickly as 4.5 mph at a maximum of the throttle for an hour. If you are trolling at just half speed, the time of running can extend up to 10 hours.

You can check a few useful YouTube videos. We recommend an F-RIB 360 installed with ePropulsion electric inflatable boat outboard:

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How To Set Up A Motor For An Inflatable Boat

It is quite simple to set up and use an inflatable boat motor. You will find it even much easier if you buy the integrated battery model. This motor will save you a ton of issues running very long cords.

We will take the ePropulsion 3-hp electric outboard for the inflatable boat (installed with integrated batteries) as an example. You will need to follow five steps properly:

  • Step 1. Install the electric motor on the stern of inflatable boats with clamps; no tool needed.
  • Step 2. Set up a battery by just putting it on the top of the electric motor. Do it until that battery can click into the slot and link the power cord.
  • Step 3. Put the magnetic kill switch on the motor tiller handle.
  • Step 4. Turn on the electric outboard by touching the power button for only two seconds.
  • Step 5. Switch on the electric motor using the throttle.

The following video will show all the steps of setting up and using the inflatable boat electric motor:

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Final Thoughts

For anyone who wants to improve their boating experiences, installing a trolling motor on their inflatable boat would be a great idea. Even for those people who are new to this kind of boating, it is worth trying this machine as well.

However, it would be a difficult question when it comes to which type of trolling motor is the best. Generally speaking, there are a lot of inflatable boat motors available in the market with various features and functions. 

But you can depend on some factors like the size, weight, speed, and time of running to decide the most suitable motor for your inflatable boat. Windrider of The Rockies!

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