Can I Use A Long Shaft Outboard On An Inflatable Boat?

The answer for us is yes. Surely many people want the inflatable boat to have a fast-moving speed with a powerful engine. And doing this is not difficult, you absolutely can use a long shaft outboard.

However, how to use long shaft outboard effectively on an inflatable boat, the length of the shaft outboard is the deciding factor.

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Long Shaft Outboard Length Decides Everything

As mentioned above, we can completely use A Long Shaft Outboard On An Inflatable Boat to strengthen the engine on your boat. But importantly, parameters on the boat’s engine such as the length of the outboard shaft will greatly affect the success or failure of this.

Then we just need to do two simple things:

1. Measure The Specifications Of The Boat: 

It is important that when the specifications match the length, it will protect the engine as well as promote the energy for the boat to work properly. On the other hand, if the specifications are wrong, it will likely cause your boat to break down quickly and the engine to be underpowered.

Can I Use A Long Shaft Outboard On An Inflatable Boat

What do you know about long shaft outboard when combined with an inflatable boat?

2. Measure The Length Of A Long Shaft Outboard: 

We measure the length of the frame very simply by taking the distance from the top and the vent plate. Accordingly, we have two axes: short and long.

Short shafts range in size from 15 to 17 inches and conversely, long shafts will have a slightly longer gap with 20 to 22 inches. In many cases, super-long shafts are available with pitches of up to 25-27 inches.

How To Choose The Right Shaft Length

We have to keep this in mind when thinking about whether to use a long shaft outboard on an inflatable boat or not. The way to choose a reasonable shaft length is not difficult, just follow the simple steps below.

– Determine the vertical length by measuring at the center from the top of the shaft to the bottom. Besides, combined with the boat’s specifications to decide the shaft length.

– Alternatively, look closely at the cockpit panel to see if it matches the bottom of the boat. since the stronger the support plate, the longer you can use the shaft and vice versa. the plate itself will more or less affect the shaft length.

In addition, once the plate is completely submerged in the water when you move your boat, you have chosen for yourself a suitable long shaft.

Can I Use A Long Shaft Outboard On An Inflatable Boat

How do long shaft outboards affect an inflatable boat?

Which Axis Is Best: Short Or Long

Every axis has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the short axis, the short axis encounters many difficulties when moving. The most common worst-case scenario is that the shaft is prone to power outages in rough waters and obstacles.

On the other hand, if the line is too long, there is a possibility of hitting underwater objects, rocks, or wood. In addition, the engine is capable of operating less power because the length combined with the water resistance makes the speed limited. One last thing is that the long shaft has difficulty moving in shallow waters.

However, in terms of advantages, you have to consider the movement area and the design of your boat. For small boats, it is better that you don’t use a long shaft. Use a short shaft with a length of 15-20 inches is most appropriate.

If you need a more powerful and better motor, you can use a long shaft. Of course, adding some protective gear or waterproofing while traveling is something you need to consider when traveling in a boat with the addition of A Long Shaft Outboard!

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So “Can I Use A Long Shaft Outboard On An Inflatable Boat” has the answer. What we need to have a powerful and efficient motor is how to choose for ourselves the right shaft length. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to choose for yourself a reasonable shaft length.

Thank you for your interest in the article.

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